Our designs are inspired by old pieces of religious and pagan jewellery, from Ancient Rome to the English court of the 19th century. Each design is based on a different story, and offers an interpretation that serves as a tool for the personal expression of the wearer, a declaration of will, a celebration of love in all its shapes and forms.
 We are not limited by gender we move between parallel worlds that represent different faces, all of them real, valid and unique
 Founded & designed in Hong Kong in 2018, all pieces are crafted in southern Spain, the jewels of SANTAVANITAS are produced in Córdoba,
home of the finest jewellery in the world.
All our pieces are designed from the latest 3D technologies and crafted by masters artisans through the old process of lost wax casting.
Each piece contains exclusively high quality materials: 925 sterling silver & 18 karat gold.