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  • Sitting on a 18Kt gold chain with 50cm or 60 cm length
  • Each pendant measurements: Width: 12mm | Height: 15mm  
  • This piece is made of 18Kt solid gold, the portraits of Emperor Adrian and the Greek Antinous are made of 925 sterling silver.

Handcrafted in Cordoba, South of Spain.

    The shape of this pendant is based on the Catholic scapular, two pieces of cloth joined by bands that rest over chest and back. SCAPULAE (shoulders) is a homage to the love story of the Emperor Adrian and the Greek Antinous.

    A Roman man was free to choose sexual partners of either sex (the word ‘homosexuality’ does not exist in Latin) and as long as he remained active in each sexual encounter, his masculinity would not be doubted.
    Adrian’s sin was that he fell in love.
    Much was discussed in Rome about the sorrow that engulfed the Emperor when Antinous drowned in the Nile in mysterious circumstances, a pain so deep that it clouded his wise government. Adrian founded a new city called Antinopolis at the spot of the river bank where his lover had died, and started a campaign to turn the image of Antinous into the subject of a new religion. Still today countless sculptures display Antinous’ beauty, which was celebrated for centuries in literature and the arts.